Residential Window Tint in Augusta GA

Frank’s Tint & Graph-X in Augusta, GA uses Solar Gard window film for all of our residential window tint jobs. Solar Gard window film can help homeowners in many different ways. It can help reduce the amount of solar energy that enters your home, thus improving the comfort of your home all year long. Residential window tint also provides significant energy savings, can improve the security of your home by making your window glass much more difficult to break and can protect your flooring and furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Residential window tint can also help reduce the risk of your windows shattering during severe or extreme weather.
Did you know that not all window films are created equally? Some window tinting businesses offer rock-bottom pricing on residential window tint, but, as a customer, you have to realize that you always get what you pay for. A true window tinting professional knows that not all window films are suitable for all types of glass. Selecting the right film for your residential windows is vital. Automotive glass and residential glass are created differently, so the film used to tint these windows must be different, as well. Our residential window tint experts always consider the construction of your windows and the thickness of your residential glass and will install the perfect residential window tint for you.
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