Professional Automotive Tint in Augusta, GA

Frank’s Tint & Graph-X provides professional automotive window tint in Augusta, GA. We are family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured and possess three decades of experience in our craft. Frank’s Tint & Graph-X specializes in Xfinity and Flex Film ceramic automotive window tint.   Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with quality automotive window tint!   Ultraviolet radiation is one of the main causes of premature aging and skin cancer, and its main source is sunlight. This type of radiation damages the skin’s DNA. We think to protect ourselves with sunscreen when we’re outdoors, but UV rays can also penetrate your vehicle’s windows.  Automotive window tint can block up to 99% of these damaging rays.  This valuable protection not only guards your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, thus reducing your risk for premature aging and skin cancer, but the window tint can also protect your car’s interior fabric, leather or vinyl from discoloration and fading.  By having a high quality window film applied to your car’s window, you can actually reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle up to 30°F, which is highly beneficial in our warm, often unpredictable, Southern climate.    
In addition to privacy protection, quality automotive window tint helps to increase the comfort of your vehicle.

Frank’s Tint & Graph-X offers the following warranties: 
  •  Standard Film: 3-Year Warranty 
  • Xfinity & Ceramic Film: Lifetime Warranty 
  • Standard Film starts at $129.99

  •  Xfinity Film prices start at $150. 
  •  Ceramic Film prices start at $299. 
Automotive window tint is a great investment in your vehicle that will: 
  • Protect your privacy 
  • Increase your personal comfort
  • Protect your car’s interior 
  • Decrease your carbon footprint 
 In reducing the interior temperature of your car, you may run your air conditioner less. In reducing the use of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, you are also reducing your auto emissions, thus decreasing your carbon footprint.
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